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Woolgather is intended to be an easy-to-install Weblog system. Once it's completed, you should be able to install it, tweak a configuration file, and then you'll have a system where users, weblogs, and postings can all be easily added.

Warning: Woolgather is nowhere near being completed yet, and at the moment it's just a skeletal proof-of-concept. See the TODO.txt in the distribution for the lengthy list of things that remain to be done.

Here's what the package can currently do:

  • The underlying classes are implemented: Database, User, Weblog, and Post.
  • You can create new weblogs by running scripts/new_blog, and new users by running scripts/new_user:
    scripts/new_blog mems "MEMS Weblog"
    scripts/new_user amk password
  • Permission to post to a given weblog can be added or removed by running scripts/add_user and scripts/remove_user.
    scripts/add_user mems amk      # Let user 'amk' post to the weblog w/ ID 'mems'
    scripts/remove_user mems amk   # Remove permission to post to the 'mems' weblog
  • New posts can be created with the new_post script: scripts/new_post mems amk "Here is the posting's content."
  • An implementation of the XML-RPC Blogger API is in woolgather/ui/ . I haven't tested it against any applications that rely on the Blogger API, though there are test cases written from the specification in test/
  • There's no HTML form-based UI for logging in, managing permissions, or adding/editing posts.
  • There's no support for changing the appearance of the generated HTML through templating or some other mechanism, so it'll look pretty plain.
  • There's no configuration file, so there's no easy way to customize where the data is stored. Right now, the data is always stored in /tmp/woolgather.fs.

There are no mailing lists specifically for Woolgather, but for now discussion can take place on the quixote-users mailing list; go to to join the list. New releases will also be announced on quixote-users for now.

My plans for 0.0.2 are to test that the Blogger API is implemented correctly, and add a configuration file of some sort, while waiting for inspiration to strike regarding a Web UI.

Download the code

woolgather-0.0.1.tar.gz [10K] [Signature]